by Kate Wakefield

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released July 27, 2017



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Track Name: Unkind
Lord help me for I've been unkind
been trying hard to kill this colder part of me but I
I can't help it if I've lost my mind
you're buried in the yard your soul on lock and key

I keep trying to go away.

Lord help me for I've been unwell
keep trying all I take and take just makes me ill
and I keep track of all the souls I sell
bones breaking baby's back
my hands are shaking.

And I crawl and I creep down this little tiny road where our stories we keep we keep at the bottom of a deep deep well and I didn't want to know and I didn't want to tell you tell you that we're living in a great big tired lie. And I'm trapped in the bottle and I'm too strung out to try.

I keep trying to run away.
Track Name: Watching
And they're watching me watch right now.

Guided by all the voices of Kings that sing me to sleep
I'm left with all the lives I choose to remember
All that made you scream all that brought you to dream
why can't everything stop.

And they're watching me watch right now

I bury worms in quicksand
hide my sparrows in earth
you leave me with blue blue blue eyes
I choose to remember.
All that made you real
all that brought you to me
guided by more than sorrow
stones in cold water.
Track Name: Happiness
I was never there I tried to forget it
I was only mine, I tried to forget it
but I cannot run from the broken things that I am made of
there is still cold salt in my blood

Let go, all of it
I tried to forget it
I was just a child, you were only human
so so far away from the broken things that I am made of there is still cold salt in my blood.

I'll try my hand at happiness.

Keep me in your clothes
your skin is so lovely
I can barely speak
of you, anymore
but you still have a piece of the broken things that I am made of
There is still cold salt in my blood.

I'll try my hand at happiness.
Track Name: When I was
When I was a little boy
I didn't like to play with toys
I watched the people on the ground
I watched the people and their frowns
every day then.

When I was a little one
I didn't like to have much fun
I always played by all the rules
I was the best and worst in school
every day then.

How I used to know it all.

When I was a little gone
I didn't know all that was wrong
I filled my cup till it would spill
I could turn on and off at will.
every day then

lalalalala la lala (lalaallalalalalla)

how I used to lose it all
Track Name: Combination
Your face is growing lines
my face thinks that you're beautiful
it's like the combination understanding the relationship between space and time, between your mind and mine.
I am dreaming for your love tonight.
Track Name: Garden
but I was just lost in the garden.

I had a dream I was lost in the garden
and in my dream your breath turned into smoke
it was not a love to be begged or be borrowed
and I stood all alone in time that
carried me away from mind and space
I was in awe of all the beauty in this place.

Trapped in the early hours that chill Gods to mourning
I am not your kind anymore.
Track Name: Eyelids
While you're awake in your bed
I prey on your eyelids and listen
to a quiet hum
that holds you so terribly still.

When I'm asleep in my head
my mind starts to bring back your shadow
she's a sullen bird
that rocked me deep into the world.

Cold waters echo a dream
that breaks every bone back to sleeping
there is more than earth
that holds you so deep in the ground
that holds such a beautiful sound.
Track Name: Alley
I went walking down the alley
I found your box of secrets
it had so many gorgeous things
I couldn't breathe at all

I'm not a thief
I'm not a crook
but there I stood
your eyes they stuck with me all the way back home.

Your stories.
Track Name: Winterreise
Take a train to anywhere say you're going west where the wind blows freely
Steal a breath from any doll you imagined this to be far from easy

Frigid as a dying bird you were born for this you are wet from sailing
take me to an empty ship that is filled with ghosts
who are drunk from sinking

The world will bury everyone you know.

Feel like someone's watching you but you've run away from a life of craving
little messages come through but you're close to dead and you don't want saving.

The world will bury everyone you know.
Track Name: Sailing
Sailing, sailing away
how I miss you when you are sleeping
how I kiss you when you are dreaming.

And I fell down the wishing well
I listend as the raindrops fell I listened
and how the sky did stop.

I can hear you, you're still breathing.

How did it stop.
Remember me.
How could I forget
Remember me.

The leaves begin to turn
My mind begins to turn.

How could I forget you.
Track Name: Two Trees
I wanted to be two trees growing so perfectly close to one another

The snow has come down on hands soft and wet
it shines on the streetlamps in ways that I cannot know
oh don't believe me, don't go.

And maybe I'm wrong, you're better than most
And maybe I'm right, you're just like the rest of them
oh don't believe me don't go.