Songs to an Unruly Person and to a Deceased Bird.

by Kate Wakefield

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this is a little preview of a full length I'll be releasing later this year.


released June 27, 2016

Recorded by Mr. Alex Hug
Written and performed by Kate Wakefield



all rights reserved
Track Name: Unrequited something
Time flies and I let it go like a blue eyed bird lying dead in snow
I wasn't waiting around for you to change your mind
Time flies and you're back again it's the same old storm I just let you in
but I'm not waiting around another goddamn year

Wouldn't it be easier if nothing had happened at all?
Wouldn't it be easier?
oh no.

You breathe and I breathe you in you're a lovely thought I've been living in
and I can't turn it around as easily this time
I know I should let it go all the secret eyes must have been a show
I must've taken it all a little out of line.

Wouldn't it be easier if nothing had happened at all.
Track Name: Moon Song
Counting back the days that I loved days that I needed
Letting go of all that is left to find
the moon shines brighter than all the love that we have left behind

Buried you away from my heart away from the deep end
buried you alone with a broken wing
the earth is colder when you refuse when you refuse to sing
refuse to love.
Track Name: Close your eyes
I was watching you
I didn’t know your form
I was watching you
you cared for me a little more
a little more

You were hunting me
you didn’t know your birthday
You were hunting me
I was your darling darling dove

It was monumental the feeling of having
sweet eyes glued to my ceiling

can we take a second to rewind
rewind into the colorless future of our past
I was watching you
I’m at your window

I didn’t know your form

I was multi colored then
I didn’t know your form
I was watching you
with only bright lenses
bright lenses
bright lenses.